H2O Select Analysis Kit - To Evaluate and Recommend

H2O Select Analysis Kit - To Evaluate and Recommend

Based on the results of a FREE Thermo Scientific Select Analysis, we will recommend the best water system for your application. We do all the thinking for you!

Using our unique H20 SELECT* water analysis program, choosing the right water purification system is made simple. After reviewing the questionnaire included in each sample kit, and performing an analysis of the feed water sample you submit, our water experts will recommend the appropriate equipment and consumables based on your feed water quality, laboratory applications, daily water demand, and budget. The output of this FREE, no obligation service includes a brief summary report of the results of the feed water testing, a recommendation of the system we think will best meet your needs, and an estimated life expectancy of consumables to help you project system operating costs.

•  Request a FREE H2O SELECT kit

•  Fill the H2O SELECT bottle with your feed water sample and complete the brief form

•  Send your water sample and completed form back to our water experts for a FREE in-depth analysis