Stoppers & Corks

We offer an extremely wide array of Rubber Stoppers and Corks at the best value and prices when compared to most competitors. Our Rubber Stoppers are available in solid, 1-hole, 2-hole, 3-hole and in sizes from 000 to 13. These excellent quality Rubber Stoppers will not harden under laboratory conditions. They are packaged in handy packs of one pound with bulk packaging available upon request. Do not spend two or three times more for similar Rubber Stoppers.

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  1. Across Int. 24/40 PennyHead Glass Hollow Stopper

    Starting at $20.00

  2. Across Int. 500mL to 2000mL Flask Cork Ring Stand

    Starting at $5.00

  3. Across Int. Solid PTFE Stoppers

    Starting at $30.00

  4. Brass Cork Borer Sets

    Starting at from $5.32 Sale $4.79

  5. Corks

    Starting at from $36.88 Sale $33.19

  6. Identi-Plug Plastic Foam Plugs

    Starting at from $64.76 Sale $58.28

  7. Kartell Conical Stoppers, PP

    Starting at from $4.75 Sale $4.28

  8. Rubber Stoppers

    Starting at from $7.62 Sale $6.86

8 Items

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Stoppers & Corks

Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for Rubber Stoppers and more than 750,000 other laboratory products means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. After all, your laboratory testing procedures should always include using only the very best ? whether rubber stoppers, chemicals, glassware or very sophisticated instrumentation. Always look to The Lab Depot for value and quality.

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