Timers & Controllers

Timers & Controllers

Simplicity, easy to use, accurate and economical, our Timers and Controllers are designed for use in almost every laboratory. Most of these products are traceable and programmable. They work great for procedures that are repeatable and for results that require alert attention at all times. These timers and controllers are ideal for quality control and experimental requirements where certificates are required for validation of procedures. These are a must for all labs!

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  1. 99M/59S Traceable Timer with Countdown Alarm

    Starting at $35.70

  2. Big-Digit Dual Timer/Clock

    Starting at $37.00

  3. Countdown Controller

    Starting at $80.74

  4. Pocket Timer / Stopwatch

    Starting at from $28.00 Sale $22.40

  5. Professional Time Switches

    Starting at $180.56

  6. Stopwatch, 1/10 Second

    Starting at $548.04

  7. Stopwatch, 1/5 Second

    Starting at $1,061.03

  8. Timers

    Starting at $438.47

  9. Triple Timer

    Starting at $28.00

9 Items

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Timers & Controllers

Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for Timers/Controllers and more than 750,000 other laboratory products means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. After all, your laboratory testing procedures should always include using only the very best – whether timers, controllers, chemicals, glassware or very sophisticated instrumentation. Always look to The Lab Depot for value and quality.

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