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  1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    As medical and research professionals work dilligently to contain and prevent against the spread of the novel coronavrius disease (COVID-19), The Lab Depot is closely following updates and continuing to supply laboratory products to labs across the nation.
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  2. Bead Baths

    Bead Baths

    Waterless Bead Baths reduce contamination and take your lab experience to the next level. Explore to learn more.
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  3. Chemicals


    Find information here on common chemical names, grade types, hazardous symbols, uses and more.
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  4.  Electronic Balances

    Electronic Balances

    Electronic balances are a vital piece of equipment in any laboratory. Read here to learn about types, calibration, linearity, minimum load and much more.
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  5. Glassware


    The foundation of any lab starts with good glassware. Whether bent, blown, cut or molded it is critical to have the right glassware for your application.
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  6. Gloves


    With so many gloves on the market, how do you know where to start? Find useful resources here.
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  7. Hot Plate - Hot Plate Stirrer

    Hot Plate - Hot Plate Stirrer

    Hot plates come in many sizes and are built differently depending on application. See our stirrer and hot plate selection guide.
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  8. Laboratory Equipment Resources

    Laboratory Equipment Resources

    Laboratory Equipment is an essential part of building or expanding a lab. In fact, the equipment that is being used in a lab has a direct correlation with the results and discoveries that are made in the midst of your application. Since laboratory equipment covers a large range of product types, we have provided articles and resources to help you in your decision making process. Larger laboratory equipment can include incubators, ovens, fume hoods, refrigerators, freezers, rotary evaporators, short path distillation kits, heated presses and more. Small-medium sized laboratory equipment could include products like hot plates, hot plate stirrers, centrifuges, shakers, vacuum pumps and more. Choosing the right piece of equipment for your lab can be difficult and can require an immense amount of research, comparisons and technical support. We know that it is crucial you meet the specifications needed for your application, so we provide detailed product specifications and resources on product pages as well. Still not finding the information you need? At The Lab Depot, we are available for live technical support and can help locate the resources needed for your unique application. Give us a call at 1-800-733-2522 or email your questions to [email protected]
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  9. Overhead Stirrer

    Overhead Stirrer

    Making the right decision on which type of stirrer you use depends on many factors. Our guide can help.
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  10. pH


    Gain a better understanding of PH testing, ORP or Redox potential and Titration procedures with these useful articles.
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  11. Plasticware


    Have questions about plasticware? We've put together some information to help sort out types and uses.
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  12. Pumps


    Searching for the right pump to aid in your specific application? Use our "pump guide" to help in that search.
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  13. Refrigerated and Heated Circulating Baths

    Refrigerated and Heated Circulating Baths

    Looking to maintain temperature stability? Peruse our resources here for topics on Refrigerated and Heated Circulating Baths.
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  14. Water Purification Systems

    Water Purification Systems

    Learn more about Pure water, Type 1 and Type 2 water and water purification in our listed articles here.
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  15. Laboratory Seating

    Laboratory Seating

    Check out our wide selection of laboratory seating!
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