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  1. Ohaus Guardian Series

    Ohaus Guardian Series

    The NEW Ohaus Technology is uniquely designed into each of the Guardian Hotplate Stirrers. These Hot Plate Stirrers combine durability and affordability while keeping your lab new and modern. The "Smart" features include SmartLink, SmartPresence, SmartHeat, SafetyHeat, SmartRate, and SmartHousing.
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  2. Stirrer and Hot Plate Selection Guide

    Stirrer and Hot Plate Selection Guide

    Corning combined the unique Pyroceram® glass-ceramic tops with rugged bodies and heating elements in 1964 to come up with the best recognized hot plates and stirrers in the industry. These Pyroceram tops were literally a space age material developed for missile nosecones. Today there are many more products with the white Pyroceram tops with more robust electronic controls and even digital LED displays.
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  3. Corning® Pyroceram® Glass-Ceramic Story

    Corning® Pyroceram® Glass-Ceramic Story

    In 1952, one of Corning's scientists, Dr. S. D. Stookey, made and accidental but important discovery when an oven malfunction overheated a piece of photosensitive glass on which he was working. The glass turned milky white as a result of heat-induced crystallization and did not break when dropped. The result was a ceramic-like material, the first in a new family of glass-ceramic materials that has led Corning into several new businesses. 
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  4. Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar Guide

    Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar Guide

    Our Magnetic Stir Bars feature ALNICO V magnetic cores which are one of the most powerful permanent magnet alloys available. Offered in many shapes from round, octagonal, egg-shaped and more, these PTFE-coated Magnetic Stir Bars resist harsh chemicals and are resistant to scratching and high temperatures. There are several measures that should be noticed to increase the life span of magnetic stir bars. First, stir bars should be stored in pairs to maintain magnetic strength. Stir bars should not be stored in a random mass or dropped on a hard surface especially steel. PTFE thickness accounts for 18% of stir bar diameter.
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