Mechanical Pipettes

Mechanical Pipettes

These Pipettors are used whenever precise transfer of liquid is required. Manufactured to engineered tolerances which are exceptionally rigid, mechanical pipettes are offered in various sizes and styles with tip ejector models and without tip ejector capabilities. Variable volume and fixed volume pipettors are equipped with contoured hand grips for user comfort. Color coding is placed on plunger which makes pipet tip selection simple and easy to see. Certificates of traceability to standards provided by NIST are available. Reproducibility is assured by using components of durable PTFE seals and polished stainless steel pistons.

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  1. BioPette™ Plus Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes

    Starting at $48.26

  2. BioPette™ Plus Autoclavable Pipettes

    Starting at $226.00

  3. Ergonomic High Performance Multichannel Pipettors

    Starting at $851.84

  4. Kartell Mini Fix Micropipette 5 To 1000ul

    Starting at from $25.09 Sale $22.58

  5. Labpette FX™ Fixed Volume Pipettes

    Starting at $99.99

  6. Mini Pipettes

    Starting at from $24.20 Sale $21.78

  7. ProPette Series Single Channel Pipettes

    Starting at from $219.00 Sale $186.15

  8. Scilogex MicroPette Pipettors - Single Channel

    Starting at from $225.00 Sale $135.00

  9. Scilogex MicroPette Plus Variable Pipettors

    Starting at from $245.00 Sale $147.00

  10. Scilogex MicroPette Plus™ (Fully Autoclavable) Multi-Channel Pipettors

    Starting at from $485.00 Sale $291.00

  11. Scilogex Multi-Channel Pipettor

    Starting at from $450.00 Sale $270.00

  12. Signature Single-Channel Pipettors, Fixed Volume

    Starting at $241.26

Items 1-12 of 22

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