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  • What is in your Hand Sanitizer?
    What is in your Hand Sanitizer?
    In response to the public health emergency, the Food and Drug Administration has pronounced a policy for all facilities compounding certain alcohol-based hand sanitizer products. The guidelines provided by the FDA are crafted by a team of experts who have performed thorough research on hand sanitizer compounding. These guidelines are shared with the general public as a strongly suggested protocol for the temporary compounding of sanitizing rubs.
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  • Ohaus Guardian Series
    Ohaus Guardian Series
    The NEW Ohaus Technology is uniquely designed into each of the Guardian Hotplate Stirrers. These Hot Plate Stirrers combine durability and affordability while keeping your lab new and modern. The "Smart" features include SmartLink, SmartPresence, SmartHeat, SafetyHeat, SmartRate, and SmartHousing.
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  • Choosing the Right IPA for your Lab
    Choosing the Right IPA for your Lab
    Isopropyl Alcohol is a very commonly used disinfecting agent. Also known as 2-propanol, isopropanol, and IPA, this chemical has several different purity grades. Each grade is designed for a different use. IPA is beneficial for many companies as a cleaning and disinfectant agent and can remove all kinds of bacteria and impurities depending on the concentration, differing solutions, and purity grades. Two very commonly known grades of Isopropyl Alcohol are 70% and 99%. Important factors to both grades are the key uses, proper use, and best practices when using in your buisness or laboratory environment.
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