Stirrer and Hot Plate Selection Guide

Stirrer and Hot Plate Selection Guide

Corning combined the unique Pyroceram® glass-ceramic tops with rugged bodies and heating elements in 1964 to come up with the best recognized hot plates and stirrers in the industry. These Pyroceram tops were literally a space age material developed for missile nosecones. Today there are many more products with the white Pyroceram tops with more robust electronic controls and even digital LED displays.

This easy selection guide will help you find the best model for your needs:

1.  Pick your application:

  • Bench top heating - hot plates available in 4 sizes including new digital units with LED temperature displays.   
  • Bench top stirring - single position stirrers available in 5 sizes including new digital units with LED stirring speed displays 
  • Combined stirring and heating  - single position stirring hot plates available in 3 sizes including new digital units with LED stirring speed and temperature displays.
  • Slow speed stirring - single position and 4-position stirrers are ideal for use with Corning glass and plastic spinner flasks.
  • Multi-position stirring - a choice of 4-, 5-, or 9-position stirrers with glass filled plastic resin cases.  
  • Accessories - Corning offers a variety of accessories for hot plates, stirrers, and stirring hot plates to make using these products easier.

2.  Pick the right size and capacity - Corning offers units as small as 3" in diameter to large 11" x 11" square units capable of stirring large volumes.    

3.   Pick the top plate material that will best meet the conditions you have in your lab. (See Table 1)



Table 1. Match the top plate material to best meet your needs.
Top plate materials Pyroceram glass-ceramic Enameled stainless steel Plastic
Chemical resistance highly resistant to chemical attack Good Limited
Maximum temperature Up to 550C Up to 360C Stirring only
Durability Highly scratch resistant
and easy to clean
Susceptible to chipping
and scratching
Other Best choice for
busy labs
Fast heat up and
cool down rates
Lowest cost

4.   Pick your options - some hot plates, stirrers and stirring hot plates are available with bright LED digital displays for temperature and/or stirring speed 

5.   Pick your electrical power requirements - Corning offers most units with either:
            -  120V/60Hz (North America)
            -  230V/50Hz (Most of Europe, Latin
               America, Africa and Asia-Pacific)
            -  100V/60Hz (Japan)

6.   Pick your accessories - Corning offers temperature controllers, stainless steel support rods, stir bars and even a convenient to use stir bar retriever.


Information courtesy of CORNING