Centrifuge Tubes Plastic

Centrifuge Tubes Plastic

The Lab Depot, Inc. offers a wide variety of conical bottom centrifuge tubes. We offer tubes frrom 15ml to high capacity centrifuge tubes.

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  1. BD Falcon Disposable Centrifuge Tubes

    Starting at $150.60

  2. Bio-Reaction Tubes - 15mL & 50mL

    Starting at $43.00

  3. Centrifuge Bottle/Tube, Polypropylene, Sterile, NUNC

    Starting at $92.80

  4. Centrifuge Tube Closures, Polypropylene

    Starting at $58.04

  5. Centrifuge Tube, Acrylic, Printed Graduations - 15mL

    Starting at from $171.20 Sale $154.08

  6. Centrifuge Tubes, Self-Standing - 50mL

    Starting at from $156.00 Sale $140.40

  7. Corning Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, Polypropylene

    Starting at $204.25

  8. Flip Top Centrifuge Tubes - 15mL & 50mL

    Starting at from $161.00 Sale $128.81

  9. NALGENE Centrifuge Tubes, Polycarbonate, Conical-Bottom, Graduated

    Starting at $124.59

  10. Nalgene® Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes, Polypropylene Copolymer, Thermo Scientific

    Starting at $188.71

  11. Premium Sterile Black Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Starting at $214.00

  12. SpectraTube Rainbow Cap Centrifuge Tubes

    Starting at from $139.00 Sale $125.10

Items 1-12 of 15

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Centrifuge Tubes Plastic

Your choice for laboratory products and scientific equipment should always be made with value in mind. The Centrifuge Tubes offered here, along with over 750,000 other laboratory items we have available to you have been selected by Lab Depot as high value lab products. Centrifuge Tubes and all of these other laboratory items listed on this website provide you with complete protection.

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