Heating Mantles

Heating Mantles

Our heating mantles are designed to provide strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel. Safety is always of paramount concern in the construction of all of our heating mantels and the inner glass fabric layers prevent contact of heating elements and the walls of the vessels. Offered in a wide range of sizes to accomodate large flasks to small beakers, these heating mantles are CSA certified.

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  1. Controlled Electromantle (EM) Mantle

    Starting at $476.00

  2. Controllers

    Starting at $261.00

  3. DigiTrol II Temperature Controller

    Starting at $922.00

  4. Electromantle Extraction Heaters

    Starting at $1,397.00

  5. Erlenmeyer Flask Mantles

    Starting at $509.00

  6. Extension support, for M Series Mantles

    Starting at $87.00

  7. Griffin Beaker Mantle

    Starting at $237.00

  8. Heating and Stirring (EMA)

    Starting at $1,100.00

  9. LimiTrol Limiting Controller

    Starting at $634.00

  10. Macro-Kjeldahl and Micro-Kjeldahl

    Starting at $1,972.00

  11. MantleMinder II Temperature Controller

    Starting at $620.00

  12. Metal Case Uncontrolled (CMU)

    Starting at $324.00

Items 1-12 of 26

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Heating Mantles

Whenever your requirements demand the highest quality for your laboratory supplies and lab equipment, such as heating mantles, always look to The Lab Depot for the best value. We are your source for over 250,000 products, including heating mantles and, just as with all of our lab equipment, the heating mantles are covered by excellent warranties – both by Lab Depot and by the product manufacturers such as Barnstead.

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