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    Pump Technologies and Selection Chart

    Reference the Pump Technologies illustration to ensure you have the best understanding of your vacuum pump. The Pump Quick Selection Chart can be used as an efficient guide to purchasing the correct pump depending on your intended application. This chart provides quality information for common laboratory applications and practices.
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  2. Rotary Evaporators

    Rotary Evaporators

    If you are searching for a pump for rotary evaporation applications, then this page will provide you with useful information on selecting the correct model. Pumps for rotary evaporators have many features and uses, which we have listed below: • Built-in tuneable vacuum to control evaporation rate • Three vacuum levels to meet your needs • Rugged chemical duty construction to resist harsh vapors DryFast PTFE dry vacuum pumps for rotary evaporators include essential features to ensure efficient rotary evaporation. The DryFast tunable vacuum adjustment allows the user to optimize the vacuum for the solvent being evaporated - see Application Note below. The tunable vacuum adjustment can also be used to stop accidental bumping/foaming.
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  3. Vacuum Manifolds

    Vacuum Manifolds

    Vacuum manifolds are commonly used for the final drying of samples removed from a rotary evaporator. Organic solvents and/or acids left behind during the distillation process are removed over several hours or more depending on the sample size. A foreline cold trap is always recommended to minimize the ingestion of the solvents. An acid neutralization trap is also recommended between the cold trap and the pump when strong acids are present in the sample. When the drying is finished for the day, it is very important to either turn the pump off and remove/clean the trap or isolate the trap from pump using a valve. The reason for this is to prevent sublimation of condensed solids or vaporized liquids from the cold trap from re-condensing in the pump.
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