Refrigerated and Heated Circulating Baths

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    Selecting a Chiller Pump

    Considerations For Pump Selection Turbine Pumps – Provide moderate flow and moderate pressures (20-90 psi, 1.4-6.9 bar.) which makes them well suited to applications that require higher pressure or experience a higher system pressure drop, such as long tubing runs or pumping vertically. A robust design makes turbine pumps very reliable and forgiving to impurities in the fluid stream. Bronze turbine pumps are standard; stainless steel pumps are available.
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    Selecting a Circulating Bath

    The best PolyScience Circulating Bath for your application will depend on a number of factors. Here are some guidelines to help with your selection. 1. Working Temperature and Stability – You will need a Refrigerated/Heated Circulator if your working temperature will ever be near or below ambient. Applications that require maximum temperatures above 160°C or ±0.01°C temperature stability require Circulators with Performance or Advanced Series Temperature Controllers.
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    Choosing a PolyScience Product

    PolyScience produces a broad range of liquid temperature control equipment. In most cases, our products are not designed for a specific application but rather are engineered to provide stable heating or cooling over common operating temperature ranges. If your application requires maintaining a temperature near or below ambient temperature, then a refrigerated product such as a Recirculating Chiller or Circulating Bath is appropriate. The choice will depend on several factors. The following guidelines will help you determine the type of product, and model, best suited to your application:
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    Glossary of Terms

    At PolyScience, we believe strongly in providing the very best products and the highest level of service to our customers. While we have tried to provide adequate product descriptions, features and explanations throughout our website, we realize that some customers may be interested in more in-depth information than that listed in the product pages. Additionally, some customers may not be familiar with the language and terminology used.
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    Selecting a Chiller

    Chillers provide heat removal for a wide variety of processes and equipment. When properly sized and selected, a chiller increases production speed and accuracy, protects valuable process equipment, and reduces water consumption and related costs. If it is undersized, the chiller will not cool properly; if it is oversized, it will be inefficient due to excessive cycling. In addition to having an adequate cooling capacity, the chiller must deliver the cooling fluid at the proper pressure and flow rate.
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