Lab Armor Bead Blocks

Lab Armor Bead Blocks

The next generation of dry baths. In full color.

We are replacing old things in the lab again. The new Bead Block is no ordinary dry bath heat block. It's not designed around a solid block, but around Lab Armor beads for better flexibility and performance. Available in both single and double block sizes.
single and double block sizes

Lab Armor Bead Block

Too many blocks?

With a Lab Armor Bead Block, one size fits all.
Bead Block™ by Lab Armor is an aluminum block filled with Lab Armor Beads™ designed for use with any standard commercially available dry bath. A Bead Block replaces common drilled-out aluminum heat blocks and provides for optimal temperature uniformity and accuracy while incubating common lab vessels, including microfuge tubes, test tubes, and even microplates and slides.

Lab Armor Single Bead Blocks

 Blue: 52100-BLU
 Gold: 52100-GLD
 Black: 52100-BLK
 Silver: 52100-SLV
 Red: 52100-RED

Lab Armor Double Bead Blocks

 Blue: 52200-BLU
 Gold: 52200-GLD
 Black: 52200-BLK
 Silver: 52200-SLV
 Red: 52200-RED