Disposable Face Shield

Disposable Face Shield

Protect Yourself and Your Business with a Face Shield

A face shield can serve as a physical barrier to the particles you emanate when you breathe, and as a physical barrier to particles hitting you when someone coughs or sneezes. This is also a great addition to your cloth, disposable, or KN95 face mask. Choose a TrippNT Disposable Face Shield for your lab or buisness!

This Disposable Face Shield comes equipped with an adjustable strap and is produced with PETG and Polyethylene material. These materials allow the product to be correctly disinfected and sanitized which gives your product more use. This shield has an open design which prevents fogging while still protecting your face by keeping it fully covered and giving you a full range of vision.

The uniquely designed face shield is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to put on. It protects facial areas, such as the eyes, mouth and nose, while maintaining a flexible design that leaves room for eye glasses or safety goggles to be worn underneath. 

For more information regarding the spread, protection and prevention from COVID-19 please visit Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website or the World Health Organization (WHO) website.