Colorimeters & Turbidity Meters

The Lab Depot offers portable designs with uncompromised performances. Colorimeters and Turbidity Meters are

accurate, dependable and easy to use, with handheld portability, preprogrammed methods, optimum wavelengths, user-friendly displays, and easy calibration.

• Rugged, handheld portability and waterproof options for fieldwork convenience
• User-friendly interface for quick and easy results processing
• Compatibility with several tests and reagent types
• Approvals and regulatory requirements met in many industries 

The Lab Depot is proud to offer this product to help you meet your research needs.

Colorimeters & Turbidity Meters

The Lab Depot's portable turbidity meter can help you accomplish a number of different tasks. And whatever your turbidity meter needs are, The Lab Depot is here to help. We offer over 750,000 different lab products, everything from chemicals to glassware, and we are proud to be your one-stop-shop for online lab needs. The Lab Depot offers only the best products in terms of value and effectiveness, so you can always be confident in your decision to buy from us.

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