Clinical Culture Media

Clinical Culture Media

In every medical clinic around the world, laboratory technicians create clinical bacteria cultures to test their patients for specific illnesses. However, in order to obtain the most accurate results, laboratory professionals must use the best clinical culture media available. That's why the Lab Depot is now proud to offer high quality clinical culture media that is ISO-9001 and regulatory compliant.

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  1. Baird Parker Agar

    Starting at $231.35

  2. Bile Esculin Agar

    Starting at $154.58

  3. Bile Esculin Azide Agar

    Starting at $174.31

  4. Bismuth Sulfite Agar

    Starting at $137.62

  5. Blood Agar Base No. 2

    Starting at $120.59

  6. Blood Agar Base, Improved

    Starting at $98.01

  7. Brain-Heart Infusion Agar

    Starting at $155.61

  8. Brain-Heart Infusion Broth

    Starting at from $114.81 Sale $109.07

  9. Brucella Agar

    Starting at $135.25

  10. Campy Blood Free Selective (CCDA)

    Starting at $87.39

  11. Casman Medium Base

    Starting at $135.41

  12. Cetrimide Agar

    Starting at from $144.91 Sale $137.67

Items 1-12 of 73

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Clinical Culture Media

Beyond just clinical cultures, the Lab Depot offers a

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