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Enabling accuracy and detection is absolutely essential to any microbiological test or study. The Lab Depot offers a large variety of dehydrated media solely for these purposes including various forms of Agar and Broth. With such a wide selection, The Lab Depot can provide dehydrated media for almost any diagnostic requirement you need to meet. Also, just like all of the other product available from Lab Depot, we only sell the highest quality dehydrated media at some of the lowest prices available.

Download the Acumedia Cross Reference Guide. 

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  1. A-1 Medium

    Starting at $95.71

  2. Acutone TSB

    Starting at $129.71

  3. Agar, Bacteriological

    Starting at $1,611.55

  4. Agar, Select

    Starting at $194.91

  5. Agar, Technical

    Starting at $136.51

  6. APT Agar

    Starting at $114.25

  7. Bacillus Cereus Agar Base

    Starting at $92.70

  8. Baird Parker Agar

    Starting at $231.35

  9. BCYE Agar Base

    Starting at $424.68

  10. BD BBL Prepared Media Stacker Plates

    Starting at $25.47

  11. BD Hycheck™ Paddles for Monitoring Production Environments

    Starting at $55.35

  12. Beef Extract Powder

    Starting at $107.99

Items 1-12 of 182

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All Culture Media

Certificates of Analysis are available for every dehydrated media formula we have available as well as the lot numbers. Our manufacturer takes great pride in their products, so all of dehydrated media selection is ISO-9001 and regulatory compliant.

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