Mechanical Scales & Balances

Mechanical Scales & Balances are the most common tool in most laboratories. However as the industry standard for precision and high capacity weighing, its role is anything but common. Like all lab equipment, you demand a mechanical balance that is accurate and will stand up to every day use. The Lab Depot has mechanical balances from Ohaus that offer high precision at a remarkable value. All of our rugged and versatile mechanical balances are engineered for long life. Browse our selection of laboratory balances now.

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  1. Ohaus Field Test Scale

    Starting at from $1,392.00 Sale $1,044.00

  2. Ohaus Harvard Junior

    Starting at from $123.00 Sale $92.25

  3. Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance

    Starting at from $360.00 Sale $270.00

  4. Ohaus Heavy Duty Solution Balance

    Starting at from $2,262.00 Sale $1,696.50

  5. Ohaus Triple Beam 700 Series

    Starting at from $149.00 Sale $111.75

  6. Ohaus Triple Beam Dial-O-Gram® 1600 Series

    Starting at from $347.00 Sale $260.25

  7. Ohaus Triple Beam Jr. Mechanical Balances

    Starting at from $144.00 Sale $108.00

  8. Ohaus Triple Beam Pro® Balance

    Starting at from $213.00 Sale $159.75

8 Items

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Mechanical Scales & Balances

The mechanical balances that The Lab Depot carries feature a wide variety of benefits that make every day operation simple and reliable. When you purchase any Ohaus laboratory balance, you'll value features such as the oversized plate for larger sized lab containers, three-point beam that eliminates the need for level adjustment, positive load stops, built-in sliding masses, and more. For more information on any of our mechanical balances, contact us today.

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