Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Buffers, Standards & Solutions

No matter what ion you are measuring, you rely on your solutions to deliver accurate and reproducible ISE measurement results. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of ion selective electrode calibration standards, ionic strength adjusters, reagents and fill solutions for all your ISE measurement needs.
We test our Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ISE solutions using the measurement equipment and ISE it is made for. All of our ISE solutions are NIST™ traceable, so you can keep your measurements in check, sample after sample.

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  1. Ionic Strength Adjustor, pH Indicating and Adjusting, for use with Ammonia Selective Electrode

    Starting at $65.49

  2. Orion ISE Calibration Standards

    Starting at from $73.70 Sale $55.28

  3. Orion ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents

    Starting at from $68.10 Sale $51.08

  4. Orion™ ISE Filling Solutions

    Starting at from $80.00 Sale $60.00

  5. Orion™ ISE Surfactant Analysis Solutions

    Starting at from $93.10 Sale $83.79

  6. Total Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffer (TISAB II), with CDTA for Fluoride Analysis using Ion Selective Electrodes

    Starting at $109.70

6 Items

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