Chemical Grades

Chemical Grades

USP, NF and FCCChemicals that conform to the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the National Formulary (NF), and the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). These products are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. All meet the requirements necessary for their use in pharmaceutical processing and prescription compounding (USP and NF) and for use in food processing operations (FCC).

PurifiedChemicals of good quality where there are no official standards or compendia, or in some cases, that meet the requirements of former compendia articles.

PracticalChemicals of sufficiently high quality for use in diverse applications. Some products may contain intermediates, isomers, or homologs.

TechnicalChemicals of selected commercial quality, useful in some applications.

ACS—Reagents meeting the requirements of the American Chemical Society Committee on Analytical Reagents. The specifications listed in this catalog are based on the ACS Reagent Chemicals Tenth Edition.  

Lab Grade—A line of solvents suitable for histology methods and general laboratory applications. 

NFChemicals manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meeting the requirements of the National Formulary. 

Practical—Products of a purity suitable for use in general applications. 

PurifiedChemicals of good quality where there are no current compendia. Most purified chemicals were formerly listed in the USP and NF compendium. The specifications from the former compendia listing have been retained wherever possible. 

Technical—A grade suitable for general industrial use. 

USPChemicals manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and which meet the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. 


OmniTrace Ultra™
Grade Acids
Highest purity grade available.
PPT purity.
Test by ICP/MS after concentration.
Packaged in pre-cleaned PTFE bottles.
CoA's report results for more than 60 elements and ions.
OmniTrace® Grade Acids Higher purity than Reagent Grade.
PPB purity.
Suitable for trace-metal analysis.
Packaged in poly coated glass bottles.
Actual lot analysis on the label.
OmniSolv® HR-GC
Grade Solvents
Highest purity solvents available.
Tested for suitability for High Resolution Gas Chromatography.
Capillary GC impurities at parts per trillion levels by ECD / parts per billion level by FID.
Capillary GC-FID & ECD chromatograms of 1000:1 concentrate provided on each bottle.
Actual lot analysis on label.
OmniSolv® Grade Solvents High purity solvents.
Manufactured using state-of-the-art purification equipment.
Tested for suitability in HPLC including gradient analysis, Spectrophotometry, Residue Analysis and Gas and Liquid Chromatography as listed in the individual monographs in the catalog.
Specially purified products tested for environmental analysis (example: Methanol for Purge and Trap).
Actual lot analysis on label.
OmniSolv® Biosynthesis Solvents High purity biotechnology solvents.
Tested for suitability for biomolecular synthesis, sequencing and chromatographic separations under gradient and isocratic conditions.
Solvents are amine-free, 99.9+% purity, low water content and low acidity.
Actual lot analysis on label.
Biotechnology Grade Solvents Suitable for DNA and peptide synthesis.
99.9+% purity.
Low free amines.
Low water content.
OmniPur® Molecular Biology Grade Reagents Suitable for use in biological applications.
Materials procured and handled to minimize potential of biological contamination.
Where possible and applicable, tested to be free from RNase, DNase and Protease contamination.
Where possible and applicable, tested to be free from other biological contamination or absorbance interferences.
DriSolv® Anhydrous Solvents Septum-Sealed bottles.
Water content as low as >10ppm.
Specifically designed for organic synthesis.
Available in 100ml and 1L bottles and EM ReCycler® containers from 20L to 1,250L.
Suprapur® Grade High purity acids, salts and solutions.
PPB trace-metal purities.
Suitable for most instrumental analyses.
Acids are packaged in borosilicate glass bottles; salts in poly bottles.
HPLC Grade High purified organic solvents, acids, salts, ion-pair reagents and mobile phases.
Specifically tested for UV transmittance at multiple wavelengths.
Solvents meet ACS specifications.
Solvents are available in poly coated glass bottles and EM ReCycler® containers from 18.9L to 1,250L.
HPLC Grade Acids/Salts Higher purity than Reagent Grade.
Tested at one or more UV wavelengths.
Packing poly-coated glass bottles or poly bottles.
Residue Grade Solvents Solvents tested for suitability in Pesticide Residue Analysis.
GR ACS Grade Reagent grade that meets or exceeds ACS specifications.
Guaranteed Reagent (GR) Suitable for use in analytical chemistry, products meet or exceed American Chemical Society (ACS) requirements where applicable.
Grade applies to both solid and liquid chemicals.
Technical/Practical Grade

Selected economical grade of commercial purity, less than reagent grade.

Information courtesy of EMD Chemicals