How to Design a Water System

How to Design a Water System

What type of water do you need?

When designing your water system, we suggest you take time to evaluate the applications and interest areas of the lab now and in the future.  Take a look at the table below to determine what type(s) of water you need.


  Type of Water
Application and Interest Areas Ultrapure
Type 1
Type 2
RO Cartridge and
Filter Systems
General Lab Purpose
Autoclave   X X X
Humidification   X X X
Glassware Washing/Rinsing   X X X
General Lab Equipment (water baths, incubators, etc.)   X X X
Feed Water to Type 1 Systems   X X X
Media Prep   X    
Buffer Prep   X    
Chemical and Biochemical Reagent Prep   X    
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) X      
Gas Chromatography (GC) X      
Ion Chromatography (IC) X      
Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP) X      
Mass Spectroscopy (MS) X      
Atomic Absorption (AA) X      
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) X      
Life Sciences
Genomics (ex. PCR, Mutagenesis) X      
Proteomics (ex. Crystallography, Electrophoresis) X      
Immunology (ex. Monoclonal Antibody Production, Blots) X      
Pharmacology X      
Cell and Tissue Culture X      
Drug Discovery X      

What Themo Scientific Barnstead Water Systems have to Offer

We have engineered our water systems to be used independentyly or in conjunction with our other water systems for even more flexibility.  Below you'll find a summary of our product line for each water type.

Ultrapure (Type 1) Water

This grade of water is required for your most sensitive and critical laboratory applications.  Type 1 water can be made pyrogen-, nuclease-, bacteria-, and particulate-free.  It has the highest purity, but is also the most expensive to generate.  Therefore, we suggest that if you have applications that require different types of water, let us assist you in designing a comprehensive water system.

We offer diverse systems to meet your ultrapure water needs.

•  Nanopure Systems

•  Easypure II Systems

•  Easypure RoDi System

•  E-Pure

The ultrapure systems differ in their feature and daily output.

Pure (Type 2) Water

Type 2 water is most widely used in general laboratory applications, such as reagent preparation and glassware rinsing.  It is also commony used to feed our Type 1 systems to create a comprehensive water system.

We offer a wide range of systems to meet your needs.

•  TII System - Most advance system to deliver superior Type 2 water

•  Mega-Pure Glass Stills

•  FI-Streem Glass Stills

•  Classic Stills

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

RO is a percent removal technology, thus the purity of the product water is directly dependent on the quality of the feed water.  Accordingly, it can not be generally classified as a specific "type" of water.

RO water is recommended for use in general laboratory equipment such as the sterilizer, dishwasher, water baths, and is also commonly used as a source of pretreated water for our Type 1 water systems.

We offer a great system to meet your needs.

•  Barnstead RO

Cartridge and Filter Systems

Cartridges are a great option for laboratories either need point of use polishing of pretreated water or single state treatment of tap water.  The  B-Pure cartridges can also be used to pretreat the feed water of our other systems, such as the Nanopure, Easypure II, or a still.

We offer great options to meet your needs.

•  B-Pure

•  Hose Nipple Cartridges

•  Bantam Dionizer

•  1/2 Size B-Pure Filters


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Information courtesy of Thermo Scientific