Proven over two years, ProSource delivers the highest level of cost and time savings.

Exclusive and FREE only from The Lab Depot, ProSource is rapidly becoming the program of choice for laboratories that demand proven performance and huge savings when they purchase their lab supplies. It will revolutionize your ordering process.

ProSource is the answer that has been tested for over two years by Government agencies, multi-billion dollar corporations and small, cost-conscious companies.

In fact: 85% of the labs that have been shown the clear benefits of ProSource have chosen to join the growing number of companies that know a winning strategy when they see it.

As a ProSource customer you will:

  • Choose your lab products from a wide array of scientific manufacturers and distributors with ease – all from one source – The Lab Depot.
  • Pay substantially less. Once approved to participate in ProSource, Lab Depot will develop and maintain your specific, on-line, personalized catalog that contains only the products you choose to be in it. All at no cost to you.
  • Utilize Lab Depot's SOURCING POWER to obtain special prices and terms that are offered exclusively through each client’s personal ProSource Catalog.
  • Take advantage of uniform pricing for multiple labs or multiple locations, which ensures the elimination of errors in ordering, payables, receivables, and real-time custom reports of all purchases.
  • Experience the streamlined convenience of ordering from your own custom catalog via your own custom website – which has your company’s logo.
  • Benefit from at-your-fingertips, customized reporting features that facilitate accurate accounting by allowing you to easily review your purchases – complete with detailed information regarding purchaser, products, date and cost.
  • Sharply reduce time-intensive organization on your part by consolidating your purchases and decreasing multiple purchase orders, payables and receivables.
  • Have new products and features added instantly by your ProSource Account manager at your request.
  • Have convenient access to Lab Depot’s professional team. Should questions or problems arise you have just one company to contact – which reduces time-wasting telephone calls, faxes and frustration.

Seeing is believing! To learn more about the PRoSource advantage, contact us at

(800)733-2522 and ask for a personal presentation.

We will gladly demonstrate ProSource in person or via the Internet. We will provide you with a comparison quote and a sample ProSource Catalog that is based on your individual needs and purchasing requirements.

The simple beauty of ProSource that was designed with complete customer convenience and savings in mind is only one phone call away!

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