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The research and testing that goes into the long-term prevention of COVID-19 is extensive and requires high-quality equipment and supplies to support the applications. We offer a variety of products that are used in research labs across the country. Our selection of products that may be used in the research and testing of COVID-19 includes ductless fume hoods, centrifuges, vacuum pumps, deep well plates, laboratory ovens, pipettes and many other products.

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  1. Air Science Purair Basic XT Ductless Fume Hoods

    Starting at $1,985.00

  2. Benchmark MC-24 Touch Microcentrifuge

    Starting at from $2,115.00 Sale $1,797.75

  3. Benchmark Scientific BenchMixer Multi-Tube Vortexer

    Starting at from $36.00 Sale $30.60

  4. Benchmark Scientific Blocks for myBlock™ isoBlock™ and Dry Baths HxWxD 2x3x3.75"

    Starting at from $115.00 Sale $97.75

  5. Benchmark Scientific Mortexer

    Starting at from $284.00 Sale $241.40

  6. Benchmark Scientific myBlock™ Digital Dry Baths

    Starting at from $439.95 Sale $373.96

  7. Benchmark Scientific myBlock™ Mini Dry Bath Heat Blocks

    Starting at from $47.00 Sale $39.95

  8. Benchmark Scientific MyFuge Mini Centrifuge

    Starting at from $289.00 Sale $245.65

  9. Benchmark Scientific PlateFuge MicroPlate MicroCentrifuge

    Starting at from $53.00 Sale $45.05

  10. Benchmark Scientific Vornado Miniature Vortex Mixer

    Starting at from $199.00 Sale $169.15

  11. BioPette™ Plus Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes

    Starting at $48.26

  12. BioPette™ Plus Autoclavable Pipettes

    Starting at $226.00

Items 1-12 of 18

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