Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At The Lab Depot, keeping our customers protected with high-quality PPE is a priority. While the PPE demand continues to fluctuate across the U.S., so does our inventory. We strive to have Personal Protective Equipment accessible for you at all times. We carry KN95 Face Masks, which have been approved by the FDA and CDC as a suitable alternative to the N95 masks. The TrippNT Face Shields are another option for medical staff, first-responders or anyone else who may be coming in contact with those exposed to or ill with the virus. While you keep your mouth, nose and eyes protected, be sure to protect your hands with Ricca Chemical Topical Hand Sanitizer, made with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. If you are in need of other PPE, please contact us directly and we will assist you in sourcing the protective gear you need.

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  1. AccuTherm™ Clinical Forehead Infrared Thermometers

    Starting at $75.96

  2. Back To Work Bundle - Sanitizer & PPE

    Starting at $54.95

  3. Bio-Wand™ Handheld Personal Sanitizer

    Starting at $69.00

  4. Blue Disposable Face Mask, 3 PLY

    Starting at $33.34

  5. Blue Disposable Shoe Covers

    Starting at $13.75

  6. Dynalon Aerosol Containment Shields

    Starting at $248.88

  7. KN95 Protective Face Mask

    Starting at $33.34

  8. LabClean 70% IPA Wipes

    Starting at from $19.98 Sale $16.35

  9. Metro Glove Box Holder

    Starting at $39.00

  10. Metro PPE and Sanitizer Carts

    Starting at $575.00

  11. Metro Sanitizer Holder

    Starting at $36.00

  12. Metro Sanitizer Stand

    Starting at $220.00

Items 1-12 of 18

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