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Air Science Prefilters and Filters

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Properly maintain your ductless fume hood and ensure safe operation by routinely checking your chemical handlings, replacing the filters on a regular basis, and checking compliance with the requirements of current safety standards.
Filtco Filters specializes in replacement carbon filters, high-performance HEPA/ULPA filters and maintenance supplies and services for Air Science® and all major ductless hood brands and models. 
Warning: Failure to check chemical handling and failure to replace filters on a regular basis could result in harmful vapors being recirculated into the air. 

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ASTS-015 ACI Plus! 11-lb. Carbon Filter Inorganic Acids Each$255.00$229.50
ASTS-030 HEPA Filter Powders, Particulates Each$220.00$198.00
ASTS-030U ULPA filter FLOW-24 FLOW-48 Ultra Low Penetration Air Each$295.00$265.50
ASTS-001 GP Plus! 11-lb. Carbon Filter Organics, Solvents, Alcohols Each$220.00$198.00
ASTS-012 AMM 11 lb. filter Amines, Ammonia Each$255.00$229.50
ASTS-013 FOR 11 lb. filter Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde Each$285.00$256.50
ASTS-016 SUL 11 lb. filter High MW mercaptans, Sulphur compounds Each$255.00$229.50
ASTM-001 GP Plus 22lb main filter Alcohols, Solvents Each$355.00$319.50
ASTM-002 ACR 22lb main filter Radioactive Iodine Each$605.00$544.50
ASTM-003 ACM 22lb main filter Mercury Each$495.00$445.50
ASTM-012 AMM 22lb main filter Amines, Ammonia Each$425.00$382.50
ASTM-013 FOR 22lb main filter Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde Each$445.00$400.50
ASTM-015 ACI Plus 22lb main filter Inorganic Acids Each$425.00$382.50
ASTM-016 SUL 22lb main filter Sulfur compounds Each$425.00$382.50
ASTM-017 CYN 22lb main filter Hydrogen Cyanide Each$605.00$544.50
ASTM-030 HEPA filter Powders, Biologicals Each$445.00$400.50
ASTM-100 EDU 22lb main filter Acids, Amines, Organics Each$455.00$409.50
ASTM-110 Multilayered 22lb main filter Combination of two single layer filters Each$455.00$409.50
ASTM-200 GP/HEPA main filter Organic vapors, powders Each$455.00$409.50
ASVLFP536-030 HEPA filter FLOW-36 Powders, Particulates Each$298.00$268.20
ASVLFP536-030U ULPA filter FLOW-36 Ultra Low Penetration Air Each$375.00$337.50
ASTM-PRF Prefilters Dust, Particulates 6 Pack$174.00$156.60
ASVLF-PRF Prefilters Dust, Particulates 6 Pack$126.00$113.40
ASTS-PRF Pre-filter for particulates Dust 6 Pack$126.00$113.40
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