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Ethyl Acetate, HPLC, TLC, GC and Pesticide Residue Analysis Grade

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CAS No 141-78-6

Melting Point: -84°C
Boiling Point: 76-77°C
Density at 25°C: 0.902 g/mL
Dielectric Constant at 25°C: 6.02
Elutropic Value (Silica): 0.45
Refractive Index: 1.372 n20°/D
Viscosity (cps) at 20°C: 0.45
Merck Index 13th Edition: 13,3792
Flash Point: -3°C

Safety Data Sheet

Synonymns: Ethanoic Acid, Ethyl Ester
Chemical Formula: CH3CO2C2H5
Formula Weight: 88.11

For use in Liquid Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, and for Organic Residue Analysis. Packaged under Nitrogen.

Chemical Specifications
Assay (by GC-FID): Min 99.9%
Color: Max 10 APHA
GC-ECD Responsive residue (single peak) (as Heptachlorepoxide): Max 10 ppt
GC-FID Responsive residue (single peak) (as 2-Octanol): Max 5 ppb
Fluorescence at emission maximum for Impurities (as Quinine sulfate): Max 1 ppb
Residue after evaporation: Max 1 ppm
Titrable acid: Max 0.0009 meq/g
Water (by KF coulometry): Max 0.05%
Substances darkened by Sulfuric acid: Passes Test
Optical absorbance at 255 nm: Max 1.00 AU
Optical absorbance at 260 nm: Max 0.12 AU
Optical absorbance at 280 nm: Max 0.05 AU
Optical absorbance at 300 nm: Max 0.01 AU
Optical absorbance at 330 nm: Max 0.01 AU
Optical absorbance at 350 nm: Max 0.005 AU
Hazard Class3
UN No PGUN1173
Packaging GroupPG II

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