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IN STOCK Acetone, HPLC/Spectro

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CAS No 67-64-1

Melting Point: -94°C
Boiling Point: 56°C
Density at 25°C: 0.791 g/mL
Dielectric Constant at 25°C: 20.7
Elutropic Value (Silica): 0.43
Refractive Index: 1.359 n20°/D
Viscosity (cps) at 20°C: 0.32
Merck Index 13th Edition: 13,67
Flash Point: -17°C

Safety Data Sheet

Synonymns: 2-Propanone
Chemical Formula: CH3COCH3
Formula Weight: 58.08

For use in Liquid Chromatography and Spectrophotometry. Packaged under Nitrogen. Submicron filtered. Also meets ACS specifications.

Chemical Specifications
Aldehydes (as Formaldehyde): Max 0.002%
Assay (by GC-FID): Min 99.5%
Color: Max 10 APHA
Isopropyl alcohol: Max 0.05%
Methyl alcohol: Max 0.05%
Residue after evaporation: Max 5 ppm
Solubility in water: Passes Test
Substances reducing Permaganate: Passes Test
Titrable acid: Max 0.0003 meq/g
Titrable base: Max 0.0006 meq/g
Water (by KF coulometry): Max 0.5%
Optical absorbance at 330 nm: Max 1.00 AU
Optical absorbance at 340 nm: Max 0.10 AU
Optical absorbance at 350 nm: Max 0.01 AU
Optical absorbance at 375 nm: Max 0.005 AU
Optical absorbance at 400 nm: Max 0.005 AU
Hazard Class3
UN No PGUN1090
Packaging GroupPG II

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