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Suspension Culture Flasks

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CELLTREAT suspension culture flasks are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems, with USP class VI materials, in a class 100,000 clean room. This attention to quality and detail ensures the performance and consistency you demand for your cell and tissue culture work. CELLTREAT flask surfaces are flat and free from striations to provide improved transparency. An innovative angled neck design offers excellent pipet and cell scraper access. Flasks include engraved graduations on two sides and ridges for easy stacking.

Suspension culture flasks are not tissue culture treated. The surface is hydrophobic and does not facilitate cell attachment. Flasks are available in three sizes: 25mL (12.5cm2), 50mL (25cm2), 250mL (75cm2). Flasks are provided with vent caps that contain a 0.22 µm hydrophobic membrane filter to allow gas exchange and minimize the risk of contamination. 

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229500 Suspension Culture Flask 25 mL Vented Packs of 10 200 Case$196.00$156.81
229510 Suspension Culture Flask 50 mL Vented Packs of 10 200 Case$205.00$164.00
229520 Suspension Culture Flask 250 mL Vented Packs of 5 100 Case$193.00$154.40
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