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Filter System, Funnel - Various Attachments

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Filter Holders are offered with a wide variety of components for different applications. Available with fritted glass support base for general and biological applications, or with removable stainless steel screen support base and PTFE gasket for ultra clean filtrate or proteinaceous solutions. The 300mL borosilicate glass funnel is graduated from 75 to 300 mL subdivisions. The anodized aluminum clamp features a tension screw to firmly lock the clamp in place.

Filter Diameter - 47mm
Prefilter Diameter - 35mm
Effective Filtration Area - 9.2cm²
Maximum Capacity - 350 mL
Graduated Volume - 300 mL
Connection - Silicone Stopper, No. 8 
Sterilization - Autoclavable at 121ºC/250ºF for 20 minutes


Prop 65WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm -


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Cat Code DescriptionPrice Add Quantity
6168-4751 No. 8 Silicone Stopper (fits 1000mL, Flask)$11.25
6168-4741 PTFE Gasket (pack of 10)$10.50
6168-4731 Stainless Steel Screen (SUS316)$45.10
6168-4722 Glass Support Base, Fritted, 47mm$46.65
6168-4721 Glass Support Base, for Stainless Steel Screen, 47mm$34.65
6168-4711 Funnel, 47mm, 300mL$60.80
6168-4762 Anodized Aluminum Clamp$29.80
6168-0002 Filter System - Ultraclean & Proteinaceous Solutions - (Kit contains 6168-4762, 6168-4711, 6168-4721, 6168-4741, 6168-4751, 6168-4731)$192.40
6168-0001 Filter System - General & Biological Applications - (Kit Contains 6168-4762, 6168-4711, 6168-4722, 6168-4751)$148.80
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