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IN STOCK TLD Disposable Round Aluminum Dishes with Tabs

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For general-purpose weighing, dispensing, storage, and drying. Oil-free. No vinyl coating. Increased rigidity. Compatible with most balances and dryers. These aluminum pans are used with balances and scales when precision weighing is required. Sturdy with flat bottoms. Weighing dishes feature tabs for easy pick up and handling.

Evaporating dish, weighing dish, parts container, dust cover and more.
No oil residue, no vinyl coating to create contamination problems for the user. 
Crimped sides for rigidity, sturdy gauge for heavy duty use. 
Precision Made
Large tab for sample numbers, flat bottom to improve sample handling, sides are angled for easy seperation. 

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Cat Code Description ID, mm Depth, in QuantityPrice Add Quantity
TLDD70-100-CS Disposable Round Aluminum Dishes 70 mm 0.63 in 1000 Case$119.00$107.10
TLDD57-100-CS Disposable Round Aluminum Dishes 57 mm 0.63 in 1000 Case$85.86$77.28
TLDD43-100-CS Disposable Round Aluminum Dishes 43 mm 0.5 in 1000 Case$71.44$64.30
LD-110198-17-24HR-RED 17 oz. Red Lab Depot Mood Cup 1 Each$5.00$0.00
LD-110198-17-24HR-ORANGE 17 oz. Orange Lab Depot Mood Cup 1 Each$5.00$0.00
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Weighing Dishes

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