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Hand hygiene compliance in the food industry is a critical step for today’s food processers.  The Lab Depot offers a wide variety of hand soaps, hand sanitizers and surface cleaners to meet the demands of the food processing industry.  We are proud to offer our customers a line of sanitizing hand soaps, hand sanitizers and surface cleaners that are trusted by thousands of food processing facilities throughout the US.  These products are NSF approved and Kosher certified to keep your facility compliant with hand and surface sanitization regulations.

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Sanitizers & Soaps

Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for Sanitizers & Soaps and more than 750,000 other laboratory supplies means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. After all, your laboratory testing procedures should always include using only the very best – whether Sanitizers & Soaps, chemicals or very sophisticated instrumentation. Always look to The Lab Depot for value and for quality Lab Supplies.