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Our sterile petri dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where accurate bacterial count or microscopic examination is required. Breathing lugs on inside cover allow free circulation of air and prevent condensation. Some of our sterile petri dishes are manufactured for filling on automatic media machines without jamming. Our petri dishes are optically clear, made from virgin polystyrene and have consistently flat bottoms. Sterility is guaranteed on all lots. These are premium quality agar petri dishes that are demanded by discriminating users and our prices are extremely competitive with brands of much lesser quality.

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Petri & Culture Dishes

Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for sterile petri dishes and more than 750,000 other laboratory products means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. After all, your laboratory testing procedures should always include using only the very best – whether agar petri dishes, chemicals, glassware or very sophisticated instrumentation. Always look to The Lab Depot for value and quality.