Quantitative Filter Papers

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Filter papers come in a broad range of glass fiber, qualitative and quantitative types for all needs. The success of any laboratory filtration depends upon the correct choice of filter paper. Lab Depot offers a wide range of grades to meet all of your particular filtration needs, with the optimum combination of two important features: retention and flow rate.

To assist you in choosing the correct filter products, we offer the following guidelines:

Quantitative Papers
Suitable for general quantitative analysis. These grades are useful for both coarse and fine as well as gelatinous precipitates.

Retention (µm) Flow Rate Porosity Grade No.
20-25 Fast Coarse 41
20-25 Fast Coarse 54
20-25 Fast Coarse 541
16 Fast Medium/Coarse 43
10 Medium Fast Medium 454
5-10 Medium Flow Medium Fine 474
8 Medium Medium 40
3 Slow Fine 44
2.5 Slow Fine 42
1 Slow Fine 494

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