Qualitative Filter Papers

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Filter papers come in a broad range of glass fiber, qualitative and quantitative types for all needs. The success of any laboratory filtration depends upon the correct choice of filter paper. Lab Depot offers a wide range of grades to meet all of your particular filtration needs, with the optimum combination of two important features: retention and flow rate.

To assist you in choosing the correct filter products, we offer the following guidelines:

Qualitative Papers
For general laboratory work and analytical operations involving filtration of chemicals, gelatinous, and coarse precipitates.

Retention (µm) Flow Rate Porosity Grade No.
40 Fast Coarse 417
25 Fast Coarse 415
25 Fast Coarse 315
20-25 Fast Coarse 4
11 Medium Medium 1
8 Medium Medium 2
6 Medium Medium 3
5 Medium Medium 413
5 Medium Medium Fine 313
2.5 Slow Fine 5
1 Slow Fine 410

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