Glass Fiber Filters

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Filter papers come in a broad range of glass fiber, qualitative and quantitative types for all needs. The success of any laboratory filtration depends upon the correct choice of filter paper. Lab Depot offers a wide range of grades to meet all of your particular filtration needs, with the optimum combination of two important features: retention and flow rate.

To assist you in choosing the correct filter products, we offer the following guidelines:

Glass Fiber Filters
For filtration of precipitated proteins, cells, cell debris; for dissolved and suspended solids testing in sanitary water analysis procedures; and monitoring specific pollutants.

Retention (µm) Flow Rate Porosity Grade No.
2.7 Fast Coarse GF/D
1.6 Fast Fine GF/A
1.5 Fast Fine 934-AH
1.3 Fast Fine 693
1.2 Fast Fine GF/C
1.2 Fast Fine 696
1.0 Medium-Fast Fine GF/B
0.7 Medium Fine 151
.7 Medium Fine GF/F

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Glass Fiber Filters