Amino Acids

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In chemistry, an Amino Acid is a molecule that contains both amine and carboxyl functional groups. Amino Acids are the basic structural building units of proteins and, as such, are much used in RNA and protein biosynthesis in the laboratory. Hundred of types of non-protein Amino Acids have been found in nature and they have multiple functions in living organisms. The Products offered by Lab Depot are designed for the scientists who carry on the important research and development work that require the utmost in Amino Acid quality. If you have questions about any of our amino acid products, contact one of our representatives today.

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Amino Acids

At The Lab Depot, we carry only the highest quality equipment, supplies, and chemicals. This extends to our choice of amino acids and derivatives. We know for you to do your job or complete your research properly, you need only the best, and we work hard to provide that for you every day. If you can't find what you need in our extensive catalog of 750,000 items, contact us for any special request. We will do whatever it takes to fill your need.