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Overhead Stirrers

Overhead Stirrers | The Lab Depot

Overhead stirrers that are ideal for every stirring need. These Overhead Stirrers are equipped for constant speed or variable speed. They are designed for emulsions, suspensions, water or oil mixtures that require high torque or extremely high speeds. You may monitor and control speed, torque and mixing time with these overhead stirrers. Ideal for general-purpose to heavy-duty mixing.  All accessories, such as, shafts, propellers, chucks, and stands are available.

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Overhead Stirrers

In addition to a selection of high quality overhead stirrers, The Lab Depot also carries all types of stirrer accessories, such as shafts, propellers, chucks, and stands. We strive to be your sole source in laboratory supplies, and our selection of Talboy stirrers is just the beginning. For helping finding the right overhead stirrer, or other piece of equipment, contact us today.