VOA Vials CLASS 2: (Precleaned)

VOA Vials CLASS 2: (Precleaned) | The Lab Depot

Generally used for volatile organic compound analysis and sample storage, our 20mL, 40mL, and 60mL VOA vials are available in clear or amber borosilicate glass with a choice of .125" or .100" PTFE/Silicone septa.

CLASS 2: (Precleaned) Containers are processed according to EPA recommended wash procedures. Washed with laboratory grade biodegradable, non-phosphate detergent, rinsed with ASTM Type I De-ionized water, oven dried, and assembled in a contaminate-free environment. The exterior of each case is labeled with a lot number. Each case contains a copy of wash “Standard Operating Procedure.”

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VOA Vials CLASS 2: (Precleaned)