Triode (pH and Temperature)

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All Thermo Scientific Orion Triodes™ have built-in temperature sensors allowing you to measure pH and temperature with one electrode. There are a variety of electrodes based on your sample and application.

The ROSS Ultra Triodes offer such great stability and drift that the warranty period is double other electrodes.The refillable electrodes have a two year replacement warranty. The gel-filled ROSS Ultra Triode electrodes have an 18 month warranty.

Complex samples, such as biological media, foods and pharmaceuticals, can be measured easily. All ROSS Ultra electrodes can be used in samples that contain TRIS, sulfides or proteins.

ROSS Ultra electrodes offer the best temperature performance of all other electrodes in repeated, varying temperatures. The AquaPro Triode has the advantage of having an open junction that does not clog and double junction reference. For use in samples with TRIS, protein and sulfides. Ag/AgCl Triodes have good response and are ideal for routine measurements.

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Triode (pH and Temperature)