pH Spear Tip Electrodes

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Spear tip pH electrodes can be used for piercing soft samples like cheese or fruit or cutting through tougher samples such as meat. All have refillable designs. They are available in single junction or double junction deigns which can be used with TRIS samples, proteins or sulfides.

The ROSS spear tip electrode offers the proven accuracy and response that ROSS electrodes are know for and is a double junction electrode. It is suited for semi-solid samples

The 9163SC is suited for routine measurements and is for use in semi-solid samples.

The KNIpHE electrode has a glass electrode that is encased in a stainless steel housing with a cutting blade at the tip. It is used for tough samples such as meat. It has a double junction design. The 9162BNWP can be used for soft samples or routine clean water measurements. It has a single junction design.

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pH Spear Tip Electrodes