pH Flat Surface Electrodes

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Flat surface electrodes are epoxy body electrodes with a flat pH bulb that allow you to measure moist solid samples or small volumes. They can be uses on samples such as meats, cheese or in agar gel plates. Flat surface pH electrodes are available in single or double junction designs allowing you to measure samples such as TRIS buffers or samples containing protein, sulfides or other compounds that react with silver. You may also choose from refillable or low maintenance designs.

Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS Ultra and ROSS flat surface electrodes provide optimum accuracy and stability while being TRIS compatible. The ROSS Ultra flat surface electrode has a 2 year warranty.

The AquaPro flat surface electrode is TRIS compatible and has an open junction that does not clog. The 9135APWP AquaPro flat surface electrode is a low maintenance model never requiring fill solution. The silver chloride 913600 flat surface electrode is a low maintenance electrode that is ideal for routine measurements.

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pH Flat Surface Electrodes