Ohaus Guardian Series

Ohaus Guardian Series

Guardian Series Hot Plate Stirrers

Do you want to modernize your lab? Do you need superior performance and outstanding safety? Choose a Guardian Hot Plate Stirrer!

Ohaus Smart Technology

The NEW Ohaus Technology is uniquely designed into each of the Guardian Hotplate Stirrers. These Hot Plate Stirrers combine durability and affordability while keeping your lab new and modern. The "Smart" features include SmartLink, SmartPresence, SmartHeat, SafetyHeat, SmartRate, and SmartHousing. 

Guardian 7000

The Guardian 7000 has superior safety features and intelligent performance. Equipped with every smart feature and a bright LCD display, the 7000 is ideal for biochemistry and chemistry labs that carry out complex heating and stirring applications and increase productivity by utilizing multiple positions to perform experiments in parallel. This Hot Plate Stirrer gives your lab precise stirring made possible from the powerful designed motor, strong magnet, and software. The Guardian 7000 has three models, two with a ceramic top plate material and one with an aluminum top plate material.

Guardian 5000

The Guardian 5000 has exceptional safety features for all of your everyday use and tasks. These Hot Plate Stirrers are designed for simplicity in all research, academia and industrial applications. The design ensures proper mixing and temperature control of the top plate or your sample when using the optional temperature probe. This model is equipped with SmartHousing and SafetyHeat systems. Select from five models with three plate sizes for your everyday heating and stirring applications.  

Which Guardian Top Plate Material is right for your lab?

Ceramic and aluminum top plates are both suitable for lab use and each material has its benefits.

Ceramic top plates are chemical resistant and safer if working with corrosive chemicals that may splash onto the plate surface. They can withstand higher temperatures up to 500 °C and can be wiped clean. The white surface of a ceramic top plate is preferable for quantitative chemical analysis or other work where clear visibility of the sample color is required. The edges of a ceramic top plate may not be as hot as the center. This may not be suitable if uniform heating over the entire plate surface is needed for the application.

Aluminum top plates offer more uniform temperature over the entire heating surface and will not crack or chip, and will withstand accidental handling.

Where can you buy a Guardian Hot Plate Stirrer?

Guardian 5000 Guardian 7000