Dynalon Aerosol Containment Shield

Dynalon Aerosol Containment Shield

Medical Workforce Protection with Containment Shield

Keeping all medical personnel safe is critical to the curve of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The exposure to aerosolized coronavirus is a huge health risk for professionals. Completing tasks such as intubation or nebulized breathing treatments pose a significant risk with COVID-19 patients.

Functional Design

This protection shield is designed with two front openings positioned for the Anesthesiologist while the two sides openings are for Respiratory Therapist access. This Containment Shield is stocked in two widths, 21 and 30 inches and features an ergonomic sloped front. This shield is autoclavable and sanitizer safe while also being lightweight and easy to move around.

Port Blocking Covers

The aerosol blocking shield is supplied with two port blocking covers in the 21" shield and four covers for the 30" medical protection shield. The 4" port cover plugs can be used to seal holes where medical personnel will not be necessary during intubation and extubation.

Made in the USA

Fabricated of polycarbonate in Dynalon's Rochester, NY facility.

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For more information regarding the spread, protection and prevention from COVID-19 please visit Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website or the World Health Organization (WHO) website.