Bead Baths

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  • Lab Armor® Bead Bath

    Lab Armor® Bead Bath

    All of the built-in features on the Bead Bath were designed from the ground up to take advantage of Lab Armor Beads... read more

  • Lab Armor® Products

    Lab Armor® Products

    Lab Armor® Beads are eco-friendly and low-maintenance metallic beads that replace water in existing water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths and even ice in ice buckets... read more

  • Lab Armor Drytemp

    Lab Armor Drytemp

    The DryTemp digital dry bath offers control over both temperature and time, eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer... read more

  • Lab Armor Bead Blocks

    Lab Armor Bead Blocks

    We are replacing old things in the lab again. The new Bead Block is no ordinary dry bath heat block. It's not designed around a solid block... read more

  • Lab Armor Chill Bucket

    Lab Armor Chill Bucket

    The Chill Bucket makes it easy to run your experiments without risking contamination from wet ice. Now you can cool everything ice-free... read more