Bead Baths

  1. Lab Armor Chill Bucket

    Lab Armor Chill Bucket

    The essence of the Chill Bucket. WATERLESS SOLUTIONS THAT PROTECT YOUR LAB WORK The Chill Bucket™ makes it easy to run your experiments without risking contamination from wet ice. Now you can cool everything ice-free — Lab Armor Beads power the new Chill Bucket. From 4 ºC to -20 ºC, the Chill Bucket delivers up to 4 hours of constant cooling on one ice pack or with a handful of dry ice pellets. Every Chill Bucket Kit includes a durable polyurethane laboratory bucket  and lid, two gel packs, and a mesh sack  filled with 2 liters of metallic thermal beads. Essentially, you get a completely  reinvented ice bucket. The Chill Bucket™ gives you amazing new ways to cool samples while keeping them dry and contamination-free. Its so cool, you’ll never use ice again.  
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  2. Lab Armor Bead Blocks

    Lab Armor Bead Blocks

    The next generation of dry baths. In full color. We are replacing old things in the lab again. The new Bead Block is no ordinary dry bath heat block. It's not designed around a solid block, but around Lab Armor beads for better flexibility and performance. Available in both single and double block sizes.  
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  3. Lab Armor Drytemp

    Lab Armor Drytemp

      The DryTemp, Bead Blocks and Beads combine for space efficiency. The DryTemp digital dry bath offers control over both temperature and time, eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer. Using the Lab Armor Bead Blocks filled with Beads in the DryTemp instead of the aluminum drilled blocks allows for testing of any size tube. The DryTemp has a built-in user recalibration function, to guarantee long term temperature accuracy.
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  4. Lab Armor® Products

    Lab Armor® Products

    Labs are better waterless. No more contamination. Ruined experiments. Lost materials. Hassles. Lab Armor® Beads are eco-friendly and low-maintenance metallic beads that replace water in existing water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths and even ice in ice buckets. The innovative Lab Armor Beads can also be used in containers placed in ovens and incubators to replace sample racks.  
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  5. Lab Armor® Bead Bath

    Lab Armor® Bead Bath

    All of the built-in features on the Bead Bath were designed from the ground up to take advantage of Lab Armor Beads and the advanced capabilities of the Bead Bath. And they delivery exceptional temperature uniformity up to 80ºC. So you can do things with these baths that you can't do with your typical bead-filled water bath.  
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  6. Lab Armor® Beads

    Lab Armor® Beads

    Lab Armor® Beads, by their design, provide a concurrent thermal and antimicrobial activity that efficiently shields the lab and personnel from invading organisms while thermally heating or cooling like water in any standard water bath, heat block or ice bucket. Lab Armor Beads keep lab water baths dry and protected from water-borne microbial contaminants.Don't contaminate your lab's bath with water  
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  7. Serum Inactivation in Bead Baths

    Serum Inactivation in Bead Baths

    Symptoms Serum media bottles take longer to bring to temperature in Lab Armor Beads than in a standard water bath. In direct comparison to water, it takes Beads approximately 2-3x longer to warm a 500 ml media bottle. To troubleshoot these issues, follow the recommendations below.   
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  8. Thawing Cryo-vials in a Bead Bath

    Thawing Cryo-vials in a Bead Bath

    Symptoms When thawing cryopreserved cells, time is the most important factor. In general, cells must thaw quickly. As a culture freezes, ice is formed. Upon thawing, these ice shards can puncture cells, thus decreasing the viable cell dens   Problem Bead Baths - Cryo-vials thaw more slowly in a Bead Bath than in a water bath. This can potentially compromise cell viability. Water Baths - When using a water bath, cryo-vials are typically dipped into 37 ºC water and gently shaken about. During this process, water can wick underneath the cryo-vial's lid and exposure the sample to water-borne biological and chemical contaminants.  
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  9. Compatibility of Lab Armor Beads with Non-Lab Armor Baths

    Compatibility of Lab Armor Beads with Non-Lab Armor Baths

    Symptoms When converting a third party water bath into a bead bath by adding Lab Armor Beads, the water bath must heat to the set temperature and maintain a constant temperature. The designs of some baths make them incompatible for use with Lab Armor Beads. Some customers may experiences issues when trying to use Lab Armor Beads in their old water baths. To troubleshoot these issues, follow the recommendations below.
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