Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar Guide

Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar Guide

Our Magnetic Stir Bars feature ALNICO V magnetic cores which are one of the most powerful permanent magnet alloys available. Offered in many shapes from round, octagonal, egg-shaped and more, these PTFE-coated Magnetic Stir Bars resist harsh chemicals and are resistant to scratching and high temperatures.

There are several measures that should be noticed to increase the life span of magnetic stir bars. First, stir bars should be stored in pairs to maintain magnetic strength. Stir bars should not be stored in a random mass or dropped on a hard surface especially steel. PTFE thickness accounts for 18% of stir bar diameter.

Capsule magnetic stirring bar has a polygon magnetic stir bar that spins freely inside a protective capsule. The capsule assures the bar does not spin off center and reduces turbulence and obstructions to ensure consistent smooth stirring.
Cell magnetic stirring bars are designed specifically for use with
spectrophotometer cells, cuvettes or test tubes. The cell stirrer fits into
standard 10mm spectral cells and provides rapid vertical and horizontal
mixing with a minimum of vortexing when placed on a magnetic stirring
machine. Centrifugal pumping action, generated by the cross channels
in the upper face, mixes without aeration.
Circulus™ magnetic stirring bars provide strong turbulence at relatively
low speeds, offer reduced surface contact and have excellent centering characteristics, particularly in vessels with convex bottoms.
Cylindrical magnetic stirring bars offer excellent centering and
smooth running characteristics. A small removable pivot ring in the
center adds to their versatility. The pivot ring minimizes the contact
area of the bar to the vessel, reduces friction and lessens marring
of plastic containers.
Elliptical (egg shaped) magnetic stirring bars are particularly well suited for round bottom flasks. Their shape mimics that of a flask and ensures complete mixing. They also offer minimal contact when used in plastic containers.
Fluted octagonal–Rare earth magnet: The flutes of this eight-sided bar along with a definitive tapering to conical ends provides excellent surface area and recessed breaks in the profile to generate strong turbulence and efficiently move fluids. Available only in Rare Earth (Samarium Cobalt), the shape and magnet strength make these bars especially well-suited for viscous solutions.
Micro (Flea) magnetic stirring bars are designed for stirring small
volumes in vessels such as vials, tubes and gradient makers. Available
in a variety of colors and sizes, micro (flea) stirring bars are particularly
useful for environmental testing and life science applications in
which small sample volumes need to be prepared and evaluated.
Octagon magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are
the most commonly used shape. Their interrupted profile provides
greater surface area and added turbulence when compared to
the smooth surface of cylindrical bars. Pivot ring aids in reducing
friction and chattering.
Octagon – Spinfinity®: The octagonal shape was also selected for
the Spinfinity® line. Spinfinity® magnetic stirring bars have a hard
plastic casing that gives them superior durability in granular slurries.
Quickly identify Spinfinity® magnetic stirring bars by their bright
purple coating.
Octagon – Rare earth magnet: The superior magnetic energy
of Rare Earth (Samarium Cobalt) magnets provides strong coupling
with drive magnets reducing frequency of spinout in viscous
solutions or high speed stirring. The bright green PTFE
coating makes them easy to identify in the laboratory.
Polygon/Giant Polygon multifaceted surfaces add turbulence
relative to similar smooth size cylindrical bars. Giant Polygon bars
can be used for stirring substantial volumes in large vessels such as
drums and tanks. Available with or without a molded pivot ring, this
ring minimizes the contact area between the bar and the vessel, thus
reducing friction and chattering.
Pyrex® Spinbar® Glass Stirring Bars are completely encapsulated in
Pyrex® glass. Glass stirring bars are useful for high temperature
applications in excess of 225°C (437°F) where PTFE is not
stable. Glass bars also offer “zero absorption” of the stirred solution.
Round magnetic stirring bars with tapered ends have a naturally centered
pivot point, eliminating the need for a separate pivot ring. Smooth surface
and the slightly raised ends on these bars facilitate efficient movement
through solutions.
Saturn Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars easily stir powders into
solutions without getting stalled. A prominent sphere in the middle of the
bar elevates the stirring bar arms during rotation and consequently
diminishes the surface contact area, permitting the magnet to spin freely
without stalling. For use in round or flat bottom vessels.
Spinfin® magnetic stirring bars can be used in round bottom flasks as
well as rounded vessels such as test tubes or cylinders.
Spinplus® magnetic stirring bars add speed and efficiency to mixing
operations. The “+” shape creates a deep vortex and provides stable,
quiet operation.
Spinring® stirring bars provide maximum stabilization of the magnetic
stirring bar with the addition of a “hoop” around a standard octagonal bar.
The friction fit of the “hoop” and bar allows them to spin as a unit.
By presenting a greater surface area and wider profile, “spin out” is
virtually eliminated. This particular arrangement is best suited for larger
open-neck vessels, such as buckets and beakers.
Spinstar® magnetic stirring bars create a deep mixing vortex at relatively
slow speeds. Designed to fit the inside diameter of most commonly-used
beakers, the Spinstar® stirring bar is perfect for applications requiring
slow, thorough mixing.
Spinvane® magnetic stirring bars are designed for test tubes, micro
vials and conical bottom centrifuge tubes. Each style is manufactured
for a specific size tube, but can be modified if needed without
affecting the magnet.
Spinwedge® magnetic stirring bars provide strong turbulence at
fairly low speeds and are well suited for churning sediment or
dissolving salts.


Information courtesy of Bel-Art Products-Scienceware®

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