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Test Tube Brushes with Natural or Nylon Bristles

from $11.27

Good quality Nylon or natural bristles, mounted in twisted heavy gauge galvanized wire.  All brushes feature a radial top.

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Cat Code Style Brush Dia. Brush Length Total Length Quantity per PackPrice Add Quantity
TTBN01 Natural 1/2" 3" 8" 12$11.27
TTBN02 Natural 3/4" 3" 8" 12$11.33
TTBN03 Natural 1" 3" 9" 12$11.56
TTBN04 Natural 1 1/2" 4" 11" 12$13.46
TTBRB1 Nylon 1/2" 3" 8" 12$11.48
TTBRB2 Nylon 3/4" 3" 8" 12$11.90
TTBRB3 Nylon 1" 3" 9" 12$12.27
TTBRB4 Nylon 1 1/2" 4" 11" 12$15.58
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