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Flasks, Heavy Wall, Round Bottom, Four-Necks, Vertical

from $184.25

Round bottom, HEAVY WALL, four neck flask with standard taper outer joints on the center and vertical side necks.

Flasks with joint sizes other than those listed are available. Please call for pricing.    

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CG-1530-05 Flask, Round Bottom, 1000mL, Heavy Wall, 24/40 - 24/40, 4-Neck, Vertical Each$184.25
CG-1530-07 Flask, Round Bottom, 2000mL, Heavy Wall, 24/40 - 24/40, 4-Neck, Vertical Each$227.50
CG-1530-13 Flask, Round Bottom, 5000mL, Heavy Wall, 24/40 - 24/40, 4-Neck, Vertical Each$314.60
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Round Bottom Flasks

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