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Griffin Beaker Mantle

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This beaker mantle covers both the bottom and the side for improved safety and efficiency of glass beakers. Even small liquid volumes may be heated in this mantle because its heat is concentrated at the bottom. Heating mantles are preferred to Bunsen burners or hot plates for organic liquids. They provide even heating (no hot spots) and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity. Must be operated through a power control.

  • • Fabric exterior provides effective heating in a space saving configuration
  • • Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels to reduce the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware
  • • Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature
  • • Ideal for bottom holes, viewing ports, and other tubulations
  • • All 115 volt units are CSA certified
  • • Electrical: 4 foot 3 wire cord with locking connector

Applications: Heating mantles are the safest and most commonly used method to heat a reaction mixture.

Caution: chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse will greatly reduce service life!

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Cat Code Description Beaker Capacity Beaker Dia. Mantle Depth Outside Dia. x Ht. ElectricalPrice Add Quantity
100A O600 Griffin Beaker Mantle 50 mL 1.63" 1.63" 2.63 x 2.13" 115V, 40w$216.00
100A O602 Griffin Beaker Mantle 100 mL 2" 2" 3 x 2.5" 115V, 100w$228.00
100A O604 Griffin Beaker Mantle 150 mL 2.25" 2.38" 3.25 x 2.88" 115V, 100w$234.00
100A O606 Griffin Beaker Mantle 250 mL 2.69" 2.5" 4.19 x 3.25" 115V, 140w$240.00
100A O608 Griffin Beaker Mantle 400 mL 3" 3.25" 4.5 x 4" 115V, 240w$249.00
100A O610 Griffin Beaker Mantle 600 mL 3.56" 3.75" 5 x 4.5" 115V, 325w$281.00
100A O612 Griffin Beaker Mantle 800 mL 3.88" 4.25" 5 x 4.5" 115V, 350w$310.00
100A O614 Griffin Beaker Mantle 1000 mL 4.25" 4.5" 6.25 x 5.5" 115V, 430w$330.00
100A O616 Griffin Beaker Mantle 2000 mL 5.13" 6" 7.13 x 7" 115V, 550w$340.00
100A O618 Griffin Beaker Mantle 3000 mL 5.75" 6.5" 7.75 x 7.5" 115V, 630w$358.00
100A O620 Griffin Beaker Mantle 4000 mL 6.38" 8" 8.25 x 9" 115V, 710w$380.00
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