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Glass Beakers, Pyrex Brand-Tall

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A tall beaker with spout to facilitate pouring. For convenience, these beakers are graduated to indicate their approximate content. Reference: ASTM E-960.

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Cat Code Description Capacity Graduation Range Outer Dia. x H Grad. Interval QuantityPrice Add Quantity
1060-100-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 100 mL 20-80 mL 50 x 79 mm 10 mL Case of 48$228.70$205.83
1060-200-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 200 mL 25-150 mL 56 x 102 mm 25 mL Case of 48$243.54$219.19
1060-300-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 300 mL 25-250 mL 64 x 118 mm 25 mL Case of 48$269.94$242.95
1060-400-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 400 mL 25-325 mL 69 x 127 mm 25 mL Case of 36$219.93$197.94
1060-500-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 500 mL 50-450 mL 75 x 136 mm 50 mL Case of 30$201.38$181.25
1060-600-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 600 mL 50-550 mL 79 x 152 mm 50 mL Case of 24$208.61$187.75
1060-1L-CS Pyrex Brand Beakers 1000 mL 50-950 mL 89 x 187 mm 50 mL Case of 18$209.79$188.82
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